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Distributor of body care treatments
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Distributor of body care treatments
Our treatment equipment and products allow our clients to distinguish themselves by providing to their clients highly effective treatments in the following areas: Relaxation - Spa - Stress reduction - Figure remodelling - Cellulite treatment - Correction following liposuction - Stretch marks - Slimming and weight loss - Firming - Body wrap - Lymphatic drainage - Heavy legs - Toning - Wrinkles and lines - Acne - Rosacea - IPL permanent hair removal - Correction of photo-aging - Pigmented areas and brown spots
Spa-Jet Dermalife Spa-Jet

The Spa-Jet provides highly sophisticated treatment such as:
- 22 Vichy shower jets
- Six colour chromotherapy
- Automatic aromatherapy
- Mineral vitamins diffusion
- Steam diffusion system
- Built-in handheld shower
- Transparent shell
- Deluxe LCD screen
- Waterproof speaker

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Spa-Jet Oceana Dermalife Spa-Oceana

Dermalife Spa-Oceana In addition to the advantages offered by the Dermalife 5.5 and the Spa-Jet, the Spa-Oceana offers a therapeutic bath with a 53 gallon water capacity. It is also equipped with eight water jets at the back, four jets on each side of the body and four jets beneath the feet to provide the body with an experience of complete relaxation The Spa-Oceana is also used by physiotherapists to relieve aching muscles.

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Spa Feng-Shui by salutbeauté.com Spa Feng Shui salutbeauté.com Québec Canada

DermaLife Spa Feng-Shui
(the "Cocoon")

" Give me the power to create a fever,
and I shall cure any disease"
(Hippocrates, Father of Medicine)

HydroStation capsule préparatoire au bronzage

Created specifically for the tanning industries, Hydration Station™ combines cutting edge technology with time-tested natural techniques to saturate tanned skin with moisture.

Dermalife Hydrofusion et Infrathérapie Dermalife 5.5

An innovative concept to make skin and body care treatments more effective. Now based on a concept known as hydrofusion, steam and infrared heat have been combined to allow simultaneous applications to the body. The Dermalife combines steam, infrared heat, hydro, phyto, vibration massage, aroma and herbal therapies in a relaxing spa environment.

Dermosonic treatments Dermosonic
The Dermosonic is an effective patented technology. The Dermosonic is a combination of ultrasound and NIST (subcutaneous non-invasive therapy) that carries out pressure massages on the surface of the skin to temporarily reduce the appearance of cellulite. It increases local blood circulation and relieves minor muscular pains while having a relaxing effect on the muscles.

Pressomed Aurapress Luxurious Pressotherapy :

The most advanced pressotherapy equipment available. Improves toxin elimination. Relieves congestion and heavy legs and stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation. The Pressomed is equipped with a “fish scale” system that reproduces manual lymphatic drainage (peristaltic movement). The Pressomed contains 50 programs adapted to your clients’ needs and nine separate inflatable chambers with individual pressure adjusters.
The Pressomed is indicated for:
- Lymphatic drainage
- Treatment of varicose veins
- Lymphatic stasis
- Teleangectasy treatment
- Heavy legs
- Swollen ankles
- Oedematous cellulite
- Soft cellulite

Spectra Quattro skin treatments Spectra Quattro

The best choice in pulsed light therapy. Equipped with a direct double epidermal cooler at -5 ° C, the Spectra Quattro offers more than nine possible treatments: photoepilation - photo regeneration pigmented areas - vascular lesions - rosacea teleangectasy - brown spots - acne - psoriasis - etc.

infrared sauna Infrared sauna

Benefit from Infrared Sauna Expelling Toxins – Detoxification - Reduces Stress - Benefits your Skin– Infrared heat improves circulation - Controls your weight - Relieves Pain - Provides the same effects of exercise - Improves the immune system

Lit Theramax salutbeaute.com distributeur autorisé lit Théramax Appareil TheraMax distributeur canada salutbeaute.com

Thermo massager is spectacularly designed to eliminate body aches, pains and postural problems with using of acupressure and infrared techniques.

La CRYODERMIA : facelift effect Innovative concept using electronically stabilized natural cold (-5° C) adapted to the beauty institute environment. Cryodermia is a revolutionary concept for hydration and treatment of aging skin, combining cold technology with a line of cryo-active products (in-room and resale) The innovative cryodermia technique and use of the cryo x3 perfect treatment in an institutional setting work together to tone and to activate micro circulation (cryophoresis), which creates a marked improvement in the penetration of carefully selected active products. This new technology helps to prevent and slow aging of the skin.

Auravitatlita treatments Auravitalita
AuraVitalita : Combining electro stimulation and ultrasound for maximum results. L’AuraVitalita allows correction of many problems and offers many types of treatment: compact, soft or oedematous cellulite, firming of the body and breasts, treatment of the fat apron and of saddlebags, slimming, stretch marks, circulatory problems, facial toning and wrinkles. Live the difference and take advantage of being able to use five different modalities at once.
The six modalities and their functions:
- Ionophoresis: penetration by active principles
- Electrophoresis: dissolving of adipose tissue
- Stimulation: aerobic
- Kotz: body building
- Lymphatic drainage: blood and lymphatic circulation
- Ultrasound: awakens the cells (regeneration)



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