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Body and face care equipment
AURAPHYT offers you a complete range of very powerful natural products custom-made for your family needs. This range of products was develop by scientific studies which attest the efficacy of the various plants detected in our products.
Produits naturels Auraphyt & Diète aux protéines (Protéines Inovacure)  
Gamme de produits naturels Auraphyt
Range of natural products
- Metabolism stimulation
- Appetite Suppressor
- Fat burner
- Blood circulation
- Herbal tea: Diet, slimming, relaxing, laxative
- Protein meal substitute : Chocolate - Strawberry- Vanilla
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Auraphyt's range of natural products :


AuraFegato Formula liver
AuraRene Formula kidneys
AuraIntestino Formula Intestinal


AuraDigestivo Digestives Enzymes
AuraArmonia Hormones for woman
AuraLibidoF Libido woman
AuraLibidoH Libido men
AuraSanguino Blood circulation
AuraAppetito Appetite suppressor
AuraStimuloare Metabolism activator
AuraProtéina MEAL Substitute Vanilla
AuraProtéina MEAL Substitute Chocolate
AuraProtéina MEAL Substitute Strawberry


Tisana DIETA 50 pouch
Tisana CALMA 50 pouch
Tisana LASSITIVO 50 pouch
Tisana DIURITICA 50 pouch
Tisana DIGESTIVO 50 pouch
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Soins corporels et esthétiques Soins corporels et esthétiques Soins corporels et esthétiques