Soins corporels et esthétiques
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Soins corporels
Soins visage et corps | Esthétiques|Épilation laser
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Derma Cellulite
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Body and face care equipment is a leader in the market of superior quality esthetics body and face products and spa equipment. Its products and services allow users to experience incomparable improved well-being and benefit from exceptional results !
Produits esthétiques Vitalita
Cosmetics & esthetics products
- Eye and face serum
- Anti-wrinkle cream
- Anti-aging cream
- Firming cream
- Hydrating cream
- Revitalizing cream
- Mask
- Anti-redness cream
- Nourishing cream
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Produits esthéttiques M-120
- Revitalizing cream
- Relieving cream
- Firming cream
- Neck cream
- Slimming cream
- Body algae wraps
Produits esthétiques Cryodermie
CRYODERMIA (Cooling treatment)
- Mask Perfect Glare
- Gel Perfect Hydrating
- Gumming Perfect Repair
- Serum Perfect smoothing
- Optimizing Perfect fluid
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Soins corporels et esthétiques Soins corporels et esthétiques Soins corporels et esthétiques